AYED-ENGINEERING GmbH is an independent, global specialist in the development of fluid energy machinery with a special focus on turbo machines and peripheral power plant technology. To meet the ecological responsibility of energy production, the focus of AYED-ENGINEERING GmbH in its developments is on maximum resource efficiency and the introduction of sustainable and climate-friendly technologies.


The engineering services of AYED-ENGINEERING turbo machines include the design, calculation, and assessment of:

Gas turbines
steam turbines
Industrial compressors
combustion systems


With our know-how and our experience, we are providing:

Efficiency enhancement
High operational safety
High availability
Conformity with standards and directives.

In the field of power plant technology, AYED-ENGINEERING is the specialist for process optimizations, the design and optimization of power plant components

Steam Condensers
Cooling towers (wet cooling towers and dry cooling towers)
Heat exchanger
and more.

In this context, we create calculation and simulation methods. We have special expertise in the areas of:

flow simulation,
Heat transfer calculation
Strength analysis as well as of
Modeling, design, and calculation tools.


As experts and consultants, we operate in

Expertises and technical assessments of Energy Converting Machines and Plants
Damage analysis in power plants and gas turbine plants.

The energy industry is currently undergoing a fundamental change. One challenge is to improve power plant technology towards greater efficiency and environmental sustainability. Another major challenge is the energy revolution towards renewable energies and digitization. AYED-ENGINEERING supports our customers in this as well. In particular, we research and advise on the issues including:

Future energy supply
Smart Grid
Renewable energy sources

In our research work, we cooperate closely with specialists from renowned universities and research institutions such as the Technical University of Darmstadt or the Technical University of Munich.


We are very committed to the topic of hydrogen. Here we combine our experience and know-how in power plant technology with an interest in this promising and climate-friendly energy sources.