Combustion systems

Combustion systems and combustion technologies play a central role in the power plant industry and in high-temperature process engineering.

The current challenges are primarily to reduce pollutant emissions and to achieve the most efficient possible combustion. Flame stability plays a decisive role here.

AYED-ENGINEERING supports the design and construction of various firing systems, such as gas turbine combustion chambers and fuel-flexible burner systems. We also develop concepts for the environmentally friendly combustion of hydrogen-rich fuels.

Thanks to modern numerical methods, we can examine and understand the combustion processes and the emission behavior of the combustion system as early as the design phase. Our simulation methodology offers the highest level of accuracy and reliability when mapping mixing and combustion processes. It also enables emission values of complex mixing and combustion processes to be predicted. On this basis, we can efficiently and reliably calculate stability behavior and emission concentrations and identify and localize mixing deficits and reaction deficits.

The focus of our services includes the investigation of the burner stability, the detailed calculation and the reduction of emission values (CO, NOx, soot) as well as the analysis and solution of thermoacoustic vibration problems.