Research and development are important components of AYED-ENGINEERING's service portfolio. Our employees and consultants have a strong background in R&D and form the basis for driving our own technical innovations. Participation in R&D projects ensures the further development of the company and thus the topicality and quality of our services.

Future energy supply

A focus of the R&D activities of AYED-ENGINEERING deals with the energy supply of the future. The focus here is on climate protection and the energy transition. Topics are the expansion of wind and solar systems, the reduction of emissions in the fossil power plant park and the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable fuels.

Important energy converters of the energy transition, in addition to wind turbines and solar systems, are fuel cells, hydrogen-powered gas turbines and fuel-flexible burner systems, for which AYED-ENGINEERING offers solutions.

Smart Grid

In addition to climate-neutral energy generation, the energy transition also includes the construction and operation of stable smart power grids.

These smart grids regulate the coordination between producers, consumers and energy storage. The goals are the optimal use of system capacities and intelligent energy management. Smart grid technologies also provide the technical basis for sector coupling, which means the connection of electricity, heat and mobility systems.

AYED-ENGINEERING has R&D expertise in examining possible areas of application for decentralized energy systems, their integration into smart grid systems, decentralized power generation and the integration of innovative energy conversion machines.

Our Technologies

The transition towards a renewable world needs new power plant concepts. Taking this into consideration, AYED-ENGINEERING is aiming to develop a versital power plant.

The attributes of the flexible power plant are fast start up periods and usage of serval green fuels. In combination with renewable power sources and storage technologies, synergies will be utilized in order to provide an environmentally friendly and grid stabilizing solution.