Steam turbines

Steam turbines are used in many industrial sectors. They serve as a compressor drive, as a generator drive to generate electricity or as combined systems for generating electricity and heat. Modern steam turbines can achieve an efficiency of over 90 percent and are therefore very efficient.

Steam turbines are increasingly being used to offset fluctuations in electricity demand. To do this, they must be able to be used flexibly over a wide operating range.

In connection with the energy revolution, more and more solar thermal systems are being developed that require steam turbines to convert thermal energy into electricity.

Steam turbines can achieve a long service life. The prerequisites for this are good material quality, the correct design of the systems and a suitable operating system system.

AYED-ENGINEERING assists manufacturers and operators with steam turbines in the construction, design, analysis and calculation of the systems. Also, when retrofitting systems, AYED-ENGINEERING has a lot of know-how and experience. As a basis for economical operation of the systems, we create service life calculations, remaining service life calculations and fatigue analyses.

With increasing shares of volatile regenerative energy sources in the power grids, the energy industry is faced with the challenge of creating safe grid conditions. For the flexible use of steam turbines in transient operation, we create precise calculations of the component behavior and flexibility concepts.